A Word of Thanks

My mom returned home early this morning after staying with us for, oh, two-and-a-half weeks or so (a little longer than expected, given Alice’s tardy entrance into the world). We thoroughly enjoyed her stay with us, and appreciate more than words can say how much she did for us. She took James and June to the park so Alice and I could nap in peace; made delectable dinners for us; went grocery shopping; cleaned our home, etc. etc. etc. And all with a spirit of love and generosity. It was amazing.

Grandma and her grandkids:

Grandma 3

Preparing dinner with a little observer standing by:

Grandma 2

Family dinner:

Grandma 1

We love you, mom, and are so grateful for your help over the last few weeks! Thank you! :)

Alice, Day 11

James loves Alice’s ‘quiet and awake’ time. He’ll hold her, tell her stories, show her his belongings (“Look, Alice, I’m making a puzzle right now!”) and lay down beside her. “Isn’t she so precious, mom? She’s a gift from God!”

And Alice loves spending time with James, too. She’ll become a little more quiet and a little more alert when she hears him talking, and she already turns her head sometimes to the sound of his voice.

Alice and James

Alice, Day 10

Alice was baptized by Rev. Theo Wierenga today.

baptism 2

Our sweet little darling all dolled up in her evening gown – I mean, baptism gown.


Family photo on baptism day. Yes, Alice is our third child and I thought I would have learned how to hold an infant by this time. Sorry, Alice.


Family photo out-take. (June, you’re such a pumpkin!)


John and Jen and Barry, Carolyn and Claire stopped by after church to celebrate with us. The kids obviously felt riiiiiiight at home with BC&C. :)

barry car